Warm Salads

It’s winter, and time to counter the lack of heating in your flat with some warming salads. Really, all you need is a combination of some protein, veg, legume/lentil, and spice for the magic to happen.

I’m a big fan of this incredible chickpea and chorizo salad, found in the BBC Good Food Magazine (March 2015). For a 5 min prep, 20 min cook time, this reaps way more than the effort that you sow in making it. You simply dry-fry the chorizo for approx. 10mins and remove, leaving the fat to fry the onions and red peppers in for another 10 mins until soft. Then, add chickpeas to the mix to warm through. Stir in the vinegar, and serve with some rocket on top. Add whatever extras you’d like – seeds, avo etc, et voilà, heat in a bowl.

Another goodie is this bean, walnut, and egg salad from Bon Appétit: cook beans in some spices, then add them to a sauce (mustard, vinegar), dump in the walnut, caramelised onions, and taragon, and then add a cooked egg on top. They’ve gone for a fried egg, but a poached egg takes this dish to the next level.

A melange of veggies (butternut squash, parsnips, a few carrots, celeriac) that have been roasted in salt, pepper, oil, and heaps of rosemary until soft on the inside and crunchy on the out makes for the perfect base for a warm salad. I like to top with feta, some balsamic glaze, and a bit of spicy rocket. No link for this one – this is a dreamed up concoction that lived up to the hype.

Finally, this bad boy has been on steady rotation for the past few years:  purple veggies (potatoes, red cabbage, red onion, red pepper) that have been roasted for 20-40mins, with an addition of chickpeas and sun-dried/slow roasted tomatoes for the final 5 mins. Take out and garnish generously with fresh mint. For some protein, add a poached egg, or roast some tofu in with the veg.

Warm salads don’t get much better than this.


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